Patents are one of the most common and important forms of intellectual property.

Protecting inventions, patents impart to their owners exclusive rights in the invention for a limited period and often underpin a company’s commercial advantage.

Patent systems vary from country to country, with some systems being quite straight forward and inexpensive and others being much more complex and costly. The Australian patent system is relatively versatile and inexpensive. At Dark IP we are proactive in giving our foreign clients advice and suggestions that we believe will place them in the best possible position in Australia and New Zealand. Likewise, we explain foreign patent systems to our domestic clients, making them aware of issues that they may face.

At Dark IP, if we are to protect our clients’ technologies, we believe that it is important to know their businesses.

We work with our clients to ensure we understand their goals and provide them with the best possible strategic advice to protect their rights domestically and in foreign jurisdictions.

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